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“I am so honoured to be a Hot Mama franchise owner. Inspiring families to become stronger, healthier versions of themselves all while having my baby girl by my side. I couldn’t imagine anything better!"

Ashley Giordano, Hot Mama Franchise Owner

Have Fun Staying Fit & Healthy…

Imagine inspiring and motivating your community to move!

Motivate and inspire your children

We LOVE what we do with Hot Mama. We motivate and inspire and we’re creating a movement of family fitness where kids are watching their active, healthy role model parents. They’re learning from a young age that fitness is a way of life, not a chore. How awesome, right? And YOU can be a part of it. You can own your own franchise and motivate and inspire and lead. YOU.

With Hot Mama you CAN have it all. With your kids right beside you, you can earn income, inspire a community and join the family fitness movement.

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"Being a Main Mama has brought together all my favourite parts of my life! Family, fitness and being a part of an amazing community of Mamas who are all being incredible role models for their families! I love watching as kids stand in awe of their Mamas as they crush a workout, and it's even better when they join in!"

Tara Leece Hot Mama Franchise Owner

Build the Supportive Community All Mamas Need


Bringing moms together for fun & fitness

By scheduling baby, toddler and child-friendly fitness classes, plus organizing events like annual Yoga & Surf retreats… and yes, even Workout & Wine nights! We’re bringing women together to get fit, laugh, cry, cheer and role model healthy living for our future generations.

Yeah…that’s Hot Mama. We inspire Mamas to empower other Mamas in the community and we do that at every single Hot Mama franchise. And you can be a part of it by bringing Hot Mama to your community. Learn more and get your information package below.

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Lindsay Goulet

PhD in Occupational & Exercise Physiology

Hi, I am Lindsay Goulet! With obesity on the rise in Canada, it is more important than ever to pay attention to the fitness of your family. I believe the best way to ensure your child grows up to lead a healthy, fit life is to first lead by example. We allow you to be that role model for your child while spending important bonding time with them – time they will remember the rest of their lives.

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