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  • February 23, 2018
  • 10:00am - 10:45am
  • Scenic Acres Community Association
  • Natalie
23 Feb, 2018

Divide & Conquer – $5 Drop-in Class$5

February Launch Promotion – Join us for a special $5 Drop- In Class  This class was designed for those of you who want a little bit of everything! Divided into sections of cardio, strength and mind-body work, Divide & Conquer will have your heart-pumping, your muscles burning and your mind […]

  • March 1, 2018
  • 11:00am - 11:45am
  • Natalie
01 Mar, 2018

Turbo Tabata

What do you get when you combine sweet babies and/or toddlers, Mamas and one of the most effective workouts out there? Mama & Me Turbo Tabata, that’s what! Using the Mama and Me format, so you littles stay with you, this class is suited for any age, from newborn, to […]

  • March 2, 2018
  • 10:15am - 11:00am
  • Natalie
02 Mar, 2018

Divide & Conquer

This class was designed for those of you who want a little bit of everything! Divided into sections of cardio, strength and mind-body work, Divide & Conquer will have your heart-pumping, your muscles burning and your mind rested and focused. Join us in this incredible 45-minute sweat sesh and we […]

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Featured Classes & Programs

Postpartum Initiative

FREE classes for women between 8-16 weeks postpartum. Find the support, love and laughter you need!

Body Smarts

Hot Mama's 12-week fitness & nutrition education program! Lose weight, learn about proper nutrition & find group support like no other!

Mama & Me Fitness

Safe, fun and effective classes that you can bring your entire crew to. Newborns, mobile babes, toddlers and kids ALL welcome!

Toddler Tag-Out

Bring your Minis of all ages (newborn to school-aged) to workout. You sweat. They laugh and have active play.

Bootylicious Run Group

New to running? Want to laugh & learn to run at the same time? Join us and achieve those run goals you've been contemplating.


Join our 28-day at-home fitness and nutrition program! No Hot Mama near you? No problem. You can join us through our online program!

Workout & Wine Nights

What more do we have to say. We workout. Then we drink wine and laugh...a lot! Join us for these crazy night & many other events!

Screw Skinny

Our 8-week Screw Skinny Strength & Empower class will make you sweat and make you stronger. You are more than numbers on a scale.

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Meet Your Main Mama

Natalie Shelby-James

Hot Mama & Franchise Owner

I am a Hot Mama because...

I was searching online for places I could work out and bring my kids, and came across Hot Mama Fit! When I saw they were looking for franchisees, I showed the website and the video to my husband and he said 'wow, that's totally you! You'd be perfect at it'. But we both looked at each other and concluded 'not right now', maybe next spring.' Fast forward 6 weeks, and I was headed to Vancouver Island to do my Main Mama training with the OHM and the rest of the HQ team! In all honestly, I love everything about Hot Mama Fit. The culture, Being surrounded group of fellow franchisee supportive moms who love working out and promoting fitness and healthy lifestyle, Being able to BRING MY KIDS TO WORK and to TRAINING, and above all, working for a leader who dedicates her heart and soul towards making this franchise achieve world domination. They had me from hello...

Meet my family...

Wife to my husband Aaron, whom I met when I was working in Aberdeen, Scotland in 2010 and convinced to immigrate to Canada in summer of 2012! He loves all things Canadian, and still marvels at every snowstorm! He really is the most enthusiastic, supportive, loving husband and father. We're the perfect pair - he eats all the white and milk chocolates, leaving all the dark chocolate to MOI! Mama to 3 rambunctious beautiful boys - Jacob (3.5) and baby Samuel (10 months), and Winston (2) puppy dogs. They test my limits and make my heart melt and soul giggle with pride every single day.

My favourite part of my body is...

My ankles. In January 2015, they took the brunt of a 25 foot fall from a climbing wall. Post surgery, physiotherapy and a lot of exercise, they are now stronger than ever and I'm back doing all the sports and activities I used to do, and most importantly, I can run and jump and play with my wee lads!

My favourite healthy snack is... But secretly I would rather be having...

apple slices with almond butter, but I could honestly eat smartie covered caramel apples ALL DAY LONG!

My perfect Sunday morning is...

getting up early and doing for a trail run with the dog or a mountain bike with friends, followed by breakfast with my boys.

My dream vacation is...

anything outdoors and active! I love mountains, mountain activities and mountain towns, so I could totally spend a couple weeks (or months) hanging in Whistler, Bend, Fernie, Nelson, Rosaland, Kelowna, the south of France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria....biking, hiking, running, skiing hanging on a beach or a lake with a book, drinking wine or coffee in a coffee shop staring at the views. Equally, I am pretty sure I could find many things to amuse myself in a tropical oasis haha!

My favourite way to indulge myself is...

sneaking out for JUST ME HOURS!! I love getting my hair done, eyebrows waxed and a pedicure (sparkly toes are the best) and heading out for a solo run or bike ride.

World Domination!
31 December 2018 Monday - 12:00 am
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